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This game wants you to cleanse it's world from impure balls.
Of course, with it's own rules.
And it likes to change them as it goes.
Because it hates following its rules.
Because it hates itself.
Because it's bad.


WASD, Arrow keys, Left Joystick (by default) - move
Space (by default, Cancel in config) - pause
You have to do Alt+F4 to close the game if you're ingame

Editing game settings:

In main menu, press EDIT CONFIG. Notepad will open.
The config can also be found in:

C:\Users\*your user*\AppData\LocalLow\Maciej Ray Marcin\a game that hates itself\setting.cfg

if you're on Windows


  • mouse - use mouse as input instead of joystick/keyboard (0 by default)
  • bright - make the level brighter (0 by default)
  • slowmo - slow down the game 4x (0 by default)
  • fx - enable drawing of particles (1 by default)
  • 3dscore - enable drawing of 3D scores (1 by default)
  • healthbar - enable drawing of the health bar on HUD (1 by default, player's health will always be reflected by his color in-game)
  • hudscore - enable drawing of player's score on HUD (1 by default)
  • postfx - enable drawing of post-processing (1 by default)
  • eyex - use EyeX tracker (overriders mouse) (0 by default)
  • music - play music in the game (1 by default)

Values can only be either:

0 = false/off
1 = true/on


  • Game takes input from the keyboard or a joystick by default, you can use a mouse or a Tobii EyeX Eye Tracker
  • This game can be played with one hand or none at all
  • You can disable FX
  • You can disable 3D Scores that show up when an enemy dies (it is recommended to disable it when using the eye tracker for input)
  • You can disable the Health Bar
  • You can disable the score on HUD
  • You can disable all post-processing (bloom & Anti-Aliasing)
  • You can disable in-game music


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Windows (32-bit) 25 MB

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